2017 Demo

by Apostle

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HxC crossover thrash from pcola florida, muthafucka


released March 6, 2017

Vocals - Adam "Igor" Hensley
Guitars - Kevin Lewis
Guitars/Back Up Vox - Robert Goodspeed
Bass - Adam Ynfante
Drums - Mac Carpenter

Recordings by Alex Gibson
Mixed by Ryan Hn
Artwork by Adam Hensley
Post recording dinner by Zaxby's



all rights reserved


Apostle Pensacola, Florida

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Track Name: Stab Wound
Dwelling on the past won't get you too far, not like it matters with the failure you are

Meaningless existence, pathetic persistence.Yet you beg for forgiveness

What do you take me as some kinda fool? Like I don't hear all the shit you do

You make my patience run thin with all the shit that you put me in

Run your mouth, I'll be there to shut you down

Spew your lies, until that day you die

Run and hide, with all that selfish pride

There's no escape, come meet your fate

You lie, you cheat, all because you're weak

It's coming down, so don't make a sound

No mercy, no forgiveness, it's all just another weakness

Day after day, night after night. I can you feel you there turning, twisting that knife
Track Name: Less Than Human
Shut your mouth and bite your tongue. You're a disease and I want you gone

Your words are empty, your actions greedy, you make this all too easy

Say your prayers. There's no turning back, time to face the Facts

Life's hard, Life's cruel when you spend it all being a fool. Enough of your abuse, time to meet the noose. Your worlds come undone hope you had your fun

Say your prayers. There's no turning back. Face the facts

You won't be missed. Don't resist. Just submit. Cease to exist. Full of regret. With that rope around your neck.

Disgusting. Loathsome. Corrupting.

The only solution for someone less than human